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Elms senior

Our world is going to be a better place because of people like Miranda. What a joy to work with. All of that college prep schooling at Our Lady of the Elms has paid off for our society. Thank you!!!

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Portrait Art

Michelle asked me to make a wall portrait for her parents but it had to be shot in front of this barn. I have driven past it dozens of times and knew immediately what we needed to do. Of course, I had never seen the painting (see framed image) of the barn that was given to the parents over 35 years ago. Her parents lived near it and often times the local community had social gatherings and picnics there. The most amazing part to me is that I chose almost the exact same point of view as the original art painting…

dangerfield barn    FullSizeRender

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Shooting twilight architecture may be the best job ever for me. It takes me back to my film days when it had to be almost perfect in the camera the first time, now we can layer multiple shots together in the digital darkroom. Almost like cheating, ha!

Nicole jeffrey's spa

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