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High School seniors on location

Creating classic art work of High School seniors on location may be the most rewarding part of my career. It is every aspect of my commercial photography education and years of experience combined with my love for adventure and being outdoors. Having fun loving clients who are willing to go the distance is important too. My hat is off to Ellie’s mom, Kelli, she served as the key grip (holding lights off camera) on many of these shots. It takes a village…all of the final shots can be viewed here

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Legal evidence, personal injury, product liability and insurance claims

We have been doing insurance claims and legal evidence photography of all sorts from scars to wrecked cars, skid marks, dog bites and more for 35 years. We have done underwater video tape of the lake bottom under a swimming dock, close up macro shots of a bug in a can of spinach to send to an entomologist, x-ray copies, aerial shots for zoning violations, the list is endless.

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