Photo Restoration

Photo restoration from B&W to color. Hand coloring used to be done with transparent oil, back in the day my mom used to hand color prints for my dad, I even tried my hand at a few while at the Ohio Institute of Photography (we still have the oils somewhere, ha). Luckily this old print was in almost perfect condition, very little repair of torn and damaged areas required.

EPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP image v

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Waco 9 bi-plane

Frank Pavliga is the owner/pilot/architect of this great 1925 Waco 9 bi-plane. It is the only airworthy one in the world, and he let me photograph it. Frank built it from the ground up using factory blueprints. The engine, gauges and several other important items are all original. Finding parts is the real issue as only 270 of these were ever made and none of them fly anymore, most were crashed beyond repair. This was a 49 second exposure with one very small light source that will remain undisclosed, ha, I can’t tell all my secrets.

FB cover FB sideview

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I have never photographed a wedding party that had more fun, a big thank you shout out to Adam and Mandy.  The Medina Square gazebo was a great location in spite of the very cold evening and rapidly setting sun, then we were off to Guys party Center in Akron ( Krista and I are just days from our 25th anniversary that was also at Guys).

A select number of the best images have been added to our shopping cart system at

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Stow 1964 class reunion

This Stow High School 1964 class reunion group photograph was taken at the Sheraton Suites Akron in Cuyahoga Falls. We will be building a modern class reunion yearbook of the event, including all of the portraits we did of the individual classmates/spouses, this group photograph, and a collection of candid shots from the weekend. We hope you like it, we had fun shooting the event. FYI…We shot it from the first floor balcony with an 800 watt second off camera strobe/flash that is bright enough to carry the focus of such a large group; ISO 125, shutter speed of 125th, aperture f/10, PocketWizard radio control sync to fire the flash. Nothing all that tricky, just solid fundamentals.

IMG_8632 WP

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Normandy High School Senior

Another Ultimate Session here at the studio, and with a traveler from Normandy High School in Parma. Thanks, Christine for trusting our photography!

Click on the photo for a look at her proofs

lucian0151 4x5

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Copley Boys Soccer

What a special honor to once again photograph the varsity boys soccer team at Copley High School. The challenge after all these years of doing this is to raise the bar and I think we have done it, again. This is just a teaser!  You will have to visit the futbol/football stadium to see the entire squad and their banners as you enter the main gate of Infocision Stadium. From the new freshman to this years senior class, we thank the players and parents for trusting us to produce a quality professional photographic display.


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Senior Locations

Senior locations can be challenging, not every high school senior is willing to ramble around some local community looking for great backgrounds. Thanks, Carter, and driving through Sherrodsville will never be the same. 🙂


Click on Carter’s photo to check out all of his proofs in our phone app.


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Senior Twilight

I had the pleasure of being the photographer for this young man in Copley (W. Akron) tonight at twilight, but only after spending the whole day with he and his dad (Jeff was a groomsman in my wedding and a college dorm mate) catching Wall-dogs on Lake Erie. Carter, good luck in your high school senior baseball season and with college recruiting!


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Trimmers Ornaments

These are the cutest ornaments in the world and you can get names painted on them too. Made right here in our backyard, Trimmers by Mary Ann is a Copley, OH company. This is a sneak at the new collection. Check them out at

trimmers galloway photography

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Cornwell Tools

Fun shoot in the studio…cornwell


Getting all that chrome looking good was a challenge. Wish I had that in my garage 🙂

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