Senior Twilight

I had the pleasure of being the photographer for this young man in Copley (W. Akron) tonight at twilight, but only after spending the whole day with he and his dad (Jeff was a groomsman in my wedding and a college dorm mate) catching Wall-dogs on Lake Erie. Carter, good luck in your high school senior baseball season and with college recruiting!


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Trimmers Ornaments

These are the cutest ornaments in the world and you can get names painted on them too. Made right here in our backyard, Trimmers by Mary Ann is a Copley, OH company. This is a sneak at the new collection. Check them out at

trimmers galloway photography

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Cornwell Tools

Fun shoot in the studio…cornwell


Getting all that chrome looking good was a challenge. Wish I had that in my garage 🙂

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Restoration of old 35mm slide

Music to my heart from this old slide of a mother and son…

IMG_6030 IMG_6030 8x10 canvas

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