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Galloway Photography is a full service photographic studio ranging from commercial product illustration, family and individual portraits ( in and out of the studio ), high school seniors, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, events, architecture,  and copy restoration. We also teach photography lessons.

My dad was a photographer too, I took over his business at the age of 21, yikes, that was 40 years ago. He would have enjoyed and embraced the digital age where the photo is still made in the darkroom (we all know today’s professional darkroom is a computer with photoshop and a calibrated monitor set to international standards). Software is the new dodging and burning of prints under an enlarger bulb. We are still a classic print maker and count on professional color labs for enlargements. Although digital files are becoming the new gold standard for many people today.

Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. That “make it” education came to me as a young kid who washed and dried hundreds of B&W prints my father made each day. Speed Graphic cameras, flash bulbs, Honeywell strobes, and Pako drum dryers were the tools of the day.

I wanted to be an offshore marine technologist. Do you see the connection? A great deal of luck and my father’s insistence sent me to Ohio University for fine art, and then to the Ohio Institute of Photography for formal training in photography. Dad’s business was primarily insurance claims and legal cases like wrecked cars, skid marks, industrial machine shops, and some commercial clients. That daily work allowed me to fine tune my creative skills. Over time I learned to “see” light and capture it in compositions of portraiture and architecture.

Now fast forward through 30 years of married bliss (I mean that) and 3 great children. In 1995 we broke ground on the studio addition to our home. In 2000 we started the transition from Hasselblad film cameras to digital. Since then we have gone through  13 digital camera upgrades and I am counting the days to the next new upgrade (rumors abound on the next big release).  All of our professional grade camera technology and world class optics are Canon (brand loyalty, lol). Our continuing education comes from hundreds of monthly and annual seminars, and constantly modernizing with the latest software, cameras and lens combinations. This allows us to stay relevant in the ever changing digital revolution.

If you made it this far then I should tell you we are the 2004 Ohio Tree Farmer of the Year, our certified family forest has a website too

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    Scott & Krista Galloway 2772 Copley Rd Copley (W. Akron), Oh 44321


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